The Lost City: frequent questions

  • Chat is the difference between the tour 4 days and the 5 days tour?

Both take the same path and visit the same places and have the same cost. The difference is the last day, those who take the tour 4 days come to town “mamey” a tomar el transporte hacia Santa Marta; while the tour 5 days left in the camp 1 a pasar una noche más y se dirigen al pueblo al día siguiente.

  • How far in advance should I make my reservation?

Booking possible with minimum 48 horas de anticipación, thus ensure your spot in the trek.

  • When does the tour lost city?

We depart everyday at 9:00 am from our facilities located on the street 10C # 1C-59.

  • Is it hard trekking, I need to be fit?

The road to Lost City is a walk over 40 It is involving hiking kilometers from 7 to 8 Daily hours. The trail has a difficulty between half and half- high therefore, you must be well prepared and healthy before. You must be fit and exercise regularly, if you're not Exercise and go to the gym during the weeks before the walk.

  • I would like to walk with my friends, ¿I can book now and my friends book after?

Of course, it is necessary that you and your friends make clarity when booking about that go together and want to go in the same group.

  • Can I have vegetarian meals, vegan, special foods?

In baquianos Travel & Adventure consider the food preferences of each of the tourists, That is why when booking let us know what you prefer or not eat and our chefs will give you different options

  • I have food allergy, Can you address this?

You must let us know about your allergies before starting the trek, in this way we will ensure bring other food alternatives

  • I have asthma / diabetes / other medical condition. ¿I can still do the walk?

When booking you must report any medical condition that may affect your ability to make the trek to Ciudad Perdida. We reserve the right not to accept a reservation if we believe that a medical condition may endanger his life, that of anyone on our team or other customers during the trek.
People who suffer from heart problems, joint problems, severe asthma or pregnant should not take part in the trek. If you suffer from asthma or mild diabetes you should consult your doctor and follow their advice.
We reserve the right to cancel the reservation of a traveler if, at the time of booking, This did not disclose a medical condition that may pose a health risk customer and / or other hikers. No refunds will be given in this case.
Given that the geographical location of the trail is remote and there is inadequate along the trail medical facilities, Baquianos Travel & Adventure will accept no responsibility, directly or indirectly, for any problems arising from your special dietary requirements or medical condition. Customers come at your own risk. We recommend that you consult your doctor before booking the trek.

  • When do I get to Santa Marta and go to his office?

You must get to Santa Marta least the day before the trek. To be effective the reservation must make full payment of the maximum tour the day before

  • Do I need hiking boots?

boots are recommended for walking because they allow greater stability and grip, reducing the risk of injury, especially in the rainy season. It is important that your boots are comfortable, they are well worn and are not new as they may hurt and cause blisters. Many people prefer walking in tennis, but you should be very careful because their sole is not always appropriate. We do not recommend trekking in sandals or boots.

  • Can I use trekking poles in Ciudad Perdida? Do renters?

You can use trekking poles for most of the trek, however we recommend not to use them on the way to the terraces (third day in the morning), this in order to preserve the archaeological temple. Baquianos Travel & Adventure offers the possibility of renting in our office trekking poles for an additional value $30.000 COP.

  • Where I can store luggage I do not need to carry Lost City?

You can request one at the hotel or hostel that you stay the night before the trek, most have this service at no additional cost. Should not have baquianos Travel & Adventure offers the luggage storage at no additional cost in their offices in Santa Marta, service also offers lockers (you must have your own padlock) and safe. If you take the luggage storage at our office, transport back to only cover agency facilities.

  • How will we get water along the way?

The first day you must take at least half liter of water, during the trek water is obtained at each camp, There you can refill the bottle you have brought. Remember that water is taken directly from the river and drinkable by manual methods (drops, purification tablets or by boiling). Should allergy or other health reasons can not consume water provided by us, you can buy bottled water in camps and shops along the trail.

  • Where do I have to be in the morning trek and where I leave at the end of the walk?

On the morning of the trek will pick you up at your hotel or hostel (en Santa Marta, Rodadero y Taganga) This process takes approximately between 8:00 am and 8:30 am, transportation will bring to the agency where ultimaremos some logistical details and if you need to keep your luggage you can do. Ideally, these logistics processes reduce to a minimum, That is why we ask you to come to our offices to
pay the balance of the tour at least one day before the departure of the walk. In the morning may arise variations in collection times it is why sometimes ask, if you're staying outside the city limits of Santa Marta, you take a taxi from your hotel or hostel to our offices, here we pay service; if this happens one of our team will contact you beforehand to let you know you do. If you do not get any notifications you should expect our transport, Failure to do so baquianos Travel & Adventure is not liable for payment of such service.

If you're staying at Palomino, 'Buritaca', la Guajira, Tayrona park or nearby places our advisors will advance notification meeting point, make sure you have this information the day before the trek.

The return of the trek you leave the hotel or hostel in Santa Marta you prefer, you must notify the time of booking. If you used our luggage storage cover only transportation to our agency facilities. If when you finish the trek your next destination is the Guajira, Palomino, 'Buritaca', Quebrada Valencia and nearby, our driver can leave you in a secure point of the road where you can take a bus, We also have transportation to these places for an additional cost. If your destination is Tayrona Park and its surroundings can leave you at the main entrance of the park or at the point you always want and when you are on the main road (Backbone Caribbean) between La Aguacatera and Santa Marta.

  • How can I reserve?

You can reserve paying 20% the total cost of the tour through an online payment using the payment methods available on our website, You can also make payment by bank transfer to deposit or savings account Bancolombia 5164205743-3 on behalf of tour guides and scouts.

  • I can pay the remaining card?

Of course yes. You can pay a portion in cash and the remaining card.

  • How high is lost city?

The lost city or Teyuna was built between 900 and the 1.200 metros sobre el nivel del mar.

  • What is the meeting point?

The meeting point is our office at 10C # 1C-59, which it is the place from where the tour. Our transport can pick the hotel they are staying or yourself can approach the office.

  • What should I bring in my backpack?

We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes, enough clothes for the day throughout the tour, include in those clothes long sleeve shirt and long pants, insect repellent, sunscreen, plastic bag to keep dry clothes and cameras in case of rain, Lantern, swimwear, flip flops, a bottle of water 1 lt, and eager to explore!

  • Necesito llevar sábanas o bolsa para dormir?

No. En las cabañas hay camas con mosquiteros y sus respectivas sabanas y mantas.

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