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Guías y Baquianos Tour was founded in 1977, We are pioneers trekkers towards The Lost City 1980 We opened our first route through La Tagua. Our installations are located inside Miramar hotel in Santa Marta but you can also reach us at

We've got the best rural destinations, including jungles and beaches within Santa Marta and the foothills of the sierra nevada, We got plans and tourist packages, with country,, ecological,, adventure, recreation, and eco pedagogical activities.

Our tour plan catalogue contains, regional services with the best prices, In case you may require information for any given tour don't hesitate in reaching us by any of our available mean..


En Guías y Baquianos Tours proporcionamos experiencias turísticas promoviendo la belleza de los destinos naturales del amplio y diverso territorio Colombiano, dedicándonos a diseñar viajes únicos donde se brindan vivencias inolvidables, cundidos de conocimientos culturales que espontáneamente proporcionan las comunidades locales, contribuyendo a su crecimiento y desarrollo económico y social.


GUIAS Y BAQUIANOS TOUR S.A.S. en el año 2022 será una empresa líder en el turismo sostenible siendo reconocidos a nivel regional, por ser una fuente de generación de empleo, sensible a las buenas prácticas de cuidado del medio ambiente, apoyando las manifestaciones socio culturales de las regiones colombianas y brindando servicios de manera oportuna, being transparent , dependable and offering quality.


People touring along with GUIAS Y BAQUIANOS TOUR S.A.S. . make a public record that GUIAS Y BAQUIANOS S.A.S. . will not answer for vandalism acts or inappropriate conduct from from its buyers at any instant or place as each buyer accepts and releases GUÍAS Y BAQUIANOS TOUR S.A.S . from any contractual or civil need.

Guías y Baquianos Tour S.A.S. is not responsible for any accident or sinister during the tour, reason why expresses public consent to its buyers. GUÍAS Y BAQUIANOS TOUR S.A.S offers only logistics means such as transport for the customer's good use , Therefore GUÍAS Y BAQUIANOS TOUR S.A.S . does not accept any legal action against it as , stipulated on this document.


The travel agency . is subject to the responsibility law established in the constitution 300/96 and the d.r. 1075/97, decreet 053 of 2002 and other mandatory laws. Therefore, in its capacity as an intermediary, GUIAS Y BAQUIANOS TOUR S.A.S is not responsible for the services nor interferes in their politics or decisions made by the responsible party..

Adittional information related to validations, conditions, exit taxes from Colombia or abroad, rates, charges and other obligatory payments, must be consulted with the travel agent at the moment of reservation.

The agency takes no responsibility towards the customer for sinister events such as accidents , strikes, riots, earthquakes, natural or climate events, security conditions, political factors, permit or visa denials , traveler's legal matters, health issues or any other force majeure before, during or after the trip.

In case of force majeure or sinister before or during the trip (aacidents, strikes, riots, earthquakes, climate factors, security conditions, political factors, entering permits denial, health issues, among others), with the final purpose of guarantying a plan of success, the operator and/or the agency could modify, replace or cancel itineraries , dates, flights, hotels, and optional services, which is accepted by the passenger at the moment of service agreement.


According to the law 679 of 3 from August of 2001 issued by the congress of the colombian republic, that contemplates legal dispositions to prevent and counter the pornography exploitation , as well as sexual tourism with minors, according to the article 44 from the costitution.

According to what is established by this law , all people must prevent, block, fight and report sexual exploitation, accomodation, use, publication, image diffusion , texts, documents, audiovisual files, innappropiate global network use of information, or the establishing of telematic links of any kind relater to pornographic material or allusive to sexual activities with minors .

in accordance with what is set in the article 17 of the law 679 of 2001, the agency warns the tourist that any form of sexual exploitation with minors inside colombian territory will be sanctioned both criminally and administratively, according to the current laws. Our travel agency Guias y Baquianos Tour S.A.S is subject to the terms established by the actual law.

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